Founders Bio.

Jeff Torres is currently a full time Law Enforcement professional with over 20 years of law enforcement experience, supervision and training. His vast experience as both an investigator and supervisor in many high level felony investigations include, Homicide, Robbery, Narcotic, Sexual Assault and Death Investigation to name a few. As a Field Training Officer and Operations Patrol Sergeant, he has trained and supervised many newly assigned peace officers in safety tactics and officer safety considerations. Furthermore, Mr.Torres’ tenure as a law enforcement professional has allowed him to gain specific knowledge, experience and information relating to current weapons, and weapons platforms being utilized in today’s society.

Mr. Torres is certified by the California State Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training and currently possesses Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Supervisory Certification which is issued to Peace Officers who have attained defined levels of academic education, law enforcement training, supervisory experience and years of service in the law enforcement profession.

As the Director and owner of the Interpreter Training Group, Mr.Torres has had extensive public presentation experience, and has conducted numerous training sessions statewide with associated professional groups. The information contained in the workshops and webinars presented by Mr. Torres will be presented through interactive lecture, electronic presentation, hand-out literature, “hands-on” training aids and items specific to the presented educational topic.  Furthermore, Mr. Torres’ interpreter continuing education is always judicial council approved and “language Neutral” so that all spoken languages can benefit from Mr. Torres’ courses.

Interpreter Training Group